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    Missus F. A Google User

    A superb dentist! He is very gentle, with great staff and is a holistic practitioner, so doesn't use fluoride and uses bio-compatible products for fillings and caps. I went to him because he removes & replaces mercury fillings in a safe way, following the Huggins protocol!
  • Beautiful office with a soothing atmosphere - very rare for a dental office! Dr. Zakarian is lovely, very gentle when giving shots and a great dentist. He only diagnoses what absolutely has to be done and is quite conservative in his findings - you won't be ripped off here! We love the fact he is holistic and doesn't use Fluoride or mercury fact, he is the only Huggins provider south of Los Angeles. Love his staff too~ A Google User
  • Dr. Z is the best dentist I have seen. I had a really bad experience with Poway Family Dental, so I came to Natural Dental Arts. The staff here was super friendly and professional. It feels GREAT to have personal service from a small office like Dr. Zakarian's rather than a Corporate Dentist that treats you like a walking $ sign. Rebecca, the office manager requested my x-rays from my previous dentist to save me money and Dr. Z gave me an honest consultation regarding my treatment plan. At my previous dentist, they tried to upsell me on unnecessary services. Dr. Z and staff gave me choices and explained the benefits... offering advice and choices that would benefit me the most. For once I actually have a relationship with my doctor and look forward to my next visit ~ A Google User
  • Dr. Zakarian and his entire team are wonderful! I had my first appointment yesterday. I felt that Dr. Zakarian, aside from being aligned with my holistic approach to life, was very thorough and thoughtful. His staff is meticulous. My teeth have never felt as clean the day after! Everyone is so nice and willing to accommodate your needs. I have a healthy fear of dentists, but was put at ease at Dr. Zakarian's office. I know I'm in good hands. ~ Giovanna M.
  • Dr. Zakarian is a marvel. Okay I am exaggerating. He is just a wonderful dentist that has been serving the area for several years. I have gotten to know him well through his service and his recommendations for other oral services for orthodontia, oral surgery and other dental requirements outside of his purview. I would recommend him to more people as much as I can because he knows how to treat his patients with humor, a nice and quiet environment and of course an atmosphere of no pressure regarding getting work done unless its necessary. He understands if you are not able to immediately get everything you need done based on the cost of services, he is willing to explain what is most important to take care of. ~ Melanio F.
  • I like Dr Zakarian's office because they are naturalists. They don't believe in unnecessary treatments and always opt for natural remedies. I have a lot of issues and feel like I can work with him to help prevent these issues in the future. I usually have tons of questions and he makes sure they are all answered. The front desk person, Rebecca, is so sweet and sincere. Always takes time to listen and fit me in when it works for me. ~ Cristyn C.
  • This is by far the best dentist I've ever had. All the great things people say about him are so very true. In fact, because I have such a great experience there...I think I go without hesitation, where in the past Id avoid the dentist only delaying the inevitable. Dr. Z and his staff are warm, welcoming, and smart! I had to have a tooth removed and fillings replaced and he was great in both instances. Plus...he and his staff are awesome people to top it all off! ~ L.V.
  • Dr. Zakarian was wonderful! He has great bedside manners and a friendly personality. All the receptionists are extremely sweet and friendly, you feel like they actually care that you are there. Plus you get a discount when you pay by cash/check! I will most definitely be coming back here for all my dental needs. ~ Andrew H.
  • Dr. Z initially saved me close to $10,000 by treating me conservatively and naturally. I have had a Holistic Clinic in San Diego for over 20 years and initially I was apprehensive to Dr. Z's use of the word "holistic". This term has been used without substantial training by many. The reality is he is significantly trained in all aspects of Dentistry and health and brings that to his patients in a very professional and personal way. Dr Z is constantly taking advanced training. I have had nothing but good reports from all the patients I have refered to him as well as my family, and we are all a picky group. Dr. Z is a perfectionsist....I want that in a Dentist. ~ Brett S.
  • Dr. Zakarian is an absolutely amazing dentist! He did an incredible job in repairing the tooth that others had recommended for extraction and the bridge he made looks (and feels!) so natural that even I can't tell the difference between the bridge and my 'real' teeth. After a long time, I finally found a dentist who is caring, professional, and whom I completely trust. Needless to say, I highly recommend him! ~ Anon
  • Dr. Zakarian is outstanding! He combines the latest dental techniques with new concepts in "alternative healing". He's helped my husband and myself with several teeth issues (including receding gums and teeth grinding) that three other doctors could not figure out. We recommend "Dr. Z" to everyone we know. ~ Anon
  • Excellent dentist. Has a sense of humor and helpful if you are not ready to commit to major adjustments. Helpful and recommends other specialists. You will be assured a good dentist when you sign up with Dr. Zakarian. ~ Anon

Huggins Protocol

There are problems with conventional dentistry, but not every dentist or patient is aware of them. Polls show that millions of people around the world suffer needlessly with health problems for which modern medicine can find no cause or successful treatment. Imagine living in poor health and feeling – or being told outright – that your problems are really all in your head. The truth is, there is a known cause for many of our common ailments, and that means a treatment can be found.
Dr. Hal Huggins is a veteran dental practitioner who linked mercury in amalgam fillings to serious, unexplained symptoms and diseases many years ago. His research also led to the discovery that many of the standard practices in modern dentistry, including root canals and dental crowns, can be highly detrimental to general health and wellbeing, leading to conditions for which medicine has no clear answers.

Who Is Dr. Huggins

Dr. Hal A. Huggins is a holistic dentist with a post-doc Master’s in immunology/toxicology. Dr. Huggins has been practicing dentistry since 1962, and received his Master’s degree in 1990. He is most known for his persistent campaigning against the use of mercury in dental fillings. Throughout his career, he has treated over 5,000 patients suffering from toxicity, and has pioneered innovative treatment protocols for autoimmune disorders brought on by dental toxicity.
Dr. Huggins is the author of several books and countless articles appearing in professional journals. He is a national and international speaker, and has been interviewed on radio and television, including 60 Minutes in New Zealand (2007) and Australia (1989).
His protocol for the removal of amalgam fillings is used in several countries around the world.

Huggins Protocol

  • Use of rubber dam during amalgam filling removal
  • Amalgam fillings are removed in precise sequence
  • The 7-14-21 day immune cycles are avoided
  • Patients can be treated with conscious sedation
  • Replacement restorations planned for biocompatibility with the use of blood serum immunology testing
  • Blood chemistry can be used to establish the Ancestral Diet
  • Blood chemistry is also used to determine appropriate supplementation, if any, and as a means to monitor varied needs
  • Acupressure is used to reintroduce interaction between nerves and muscles
  • Massage is used to create balance within calcium metabolism and white blood cell function
  • Administration of intravenous vitamin C, by your medical doctor, assists in detoxification and supplies mitochondria with the electrons needed for ATP formation
  • Consistent monitoring of the healing process, chemistries will show if the body is over-correcting, under-correcting, or is healing as it should
Your holistic dentist in San Diego can help you regain control over your health and wellbeing. Contact Natural Dental Arts for your consultation with Dr. Andrew Zakarian.