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Dentist in San Diego - Dr. Andrew J. Zakarian
Your San Diego holistic dentist Dr. Andrew Zakarian completed his dental studies at the College of Dentistry at New York University before completing advanced treatment research and work at Columbia University’s Department of Periodontology in New York City. Dr. Zakarian also holds his Master’s degree in Microbiology and Immunology, allowing him further insight into the effects of dental problems as well as the restorative care provided to promote oral health.
Dr. Zakarian began practicing general dentistry in 1984, and has also taught residency programs, first in Manhattan, New York, and then entered private practice in San Diego, California.
Dr. Zakarian has a passion for helping people achieve their dental goals while promoting health and wellbeing. He provides a level of care not typical in modern dentistry.
In addition to a love for compassionate dental care, Dr. Zakarian is also an avid horseman. When not in the office, or on horseback, Dr. Zakarian may be found enjoying the Southern California scenery on a long-distance bicycle trip.